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Episode 10 - Doom vs Lil' Wayne, Smoking Gunns, Luv Affairs, and Hollywood Hiatus
May 06, 2009 01:00 PM PDT
Roach and 1o.A.k. feel BeatStreetS insults producer/rapper Kon Artist beat making skills. Technically he didn't say the beat was weak but you (the audience) be the judge. BeatStreetS drops some history on Barrett Strong and finds a freaky double meaning in Karma Stewart's lyrics. 1o.A.k. brings the refreshing LA summer jam from U-N-I and Ro Bldv and gives props on sampling New Edition "Cool It Now". We discuss who would win in a battle between MF Doom and Lil Wayne and who should be the judges. The Food : Smoking Gun - Jadakiss ft. Jazmine Sullivan (Produced by Kon Artist) Here's Jadakiss talking about the new album. Luv Affair - PPP ft. Karma Sewart Learn about the Platinum Pied Pipers straight from BeatStreetS

TGL - Platinum Pied Pipers at Mighty from BeatStreetS on Vimeo.

Hollywood Hiatus - U-N-I Here's the cool new official video. Roach Gigz - I'm Up
Episode 8 - Temper Traps, Lost Gorilla's, Volting on Mars, Sissy's, Weirdo's from Hollyweerd
April 01, 2009 03:51 PM PDT
This week on Recipe Radio...1 o.a.k. Skypes in from Austin Texas at SXSW to play a soft rock song with a Buckethead feel. BeatStreetS plays some Grammy Award winners, yet still under the radar, Roach Gigz and BeatStreetS confuse themselves trying to speak other languages, Roach Gigz plays a song he knows nothing about, and special guest Pat The Aristocrat breaks down "Sissy Rap". The Food: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition Here's the video for Temper Trap's - "Sweet Disposition" Gorilla Zo - Lost Since Roach Gigz knew nothing about Gorilla Zoe, here's an interview of him so you can learn something about him from the source. The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez The official video. Sissy Nobby - And I Live Here's a video from one of Sissy Nobby's hits called "Grab". Viewers discretion advised. Hollyweerd - Cut The Check Don't know anything about Hollweerd? Learn something by watching this.
Episode 6 - Beat Boxing, Secret Societies, Babies Having Babies, and Hatred of Reggaeton
March 18, 2009 01:51 PM PDT
This week on recipe radio... Roach, 1o.a.k. and Beatstreets all have trouble articulating there point with words so they choose to "beat box" it out. Beatstreets explains why rapper Plies is apart of the Zietgeist, Roach Gigz falls in love with house music...or maybe just Kyla. 1o.a.k. keeps losing in a fact check battle with Beatstreets on Mannie Fresh production but boys find common ground in hatred of Reggaeton music. The Food: Pacific Devision - "Mayor" Here's a Live performance of the song. Kyla - "Do You Mind (Produced by Crazy Cousinz)" Here's the official video. Bad Guy ft. Mannie Fresh - What Type Of Nigga Plies ft. Ashanti - Want It, Need It Mayer Hawthorne - Just Not Gonna Work Out Remix (Produced by Astronote) Here's the original track. Enjoy.
Episode 5 - Greek Gods, Inbetween Sheets, and Magic Sticks
March 06, 2009 09:13 PM PST
BeatStreetS hears something old in new artist Theophilus London, 1o.A.k.'s picks a mixtape track from Drake with a throwback Isley Brothers sample, and Roach Gigz tries to justify brand new stail raps from Messy Marv. Want to know who Theophilus London is? Check this out. Here's Drake's 1st music video. And here's the song that was sampled for the Drake/Lil Wayne track titled, "A Night Off" which we played on the show, for you young scrappies. Here's a glimpse of who Messy Marv is.
Episode 4 - Lil Wayne, UK Donk, House Rappers, and Crank Dat Everything.
March 06, 2009 08:54 PM PST
This week on Recipe Radio Roach Gigz argues that Lil' Wayne is the only rapper worth listening to now and that Kid Cudi and any other artist that sounds like him isn't, special guest Soleil reveals new regional sound in the UK called "Donk Music". We also take a look at a couple of good house tracks with rap collaborators and wonder whether house music is going to be the new side of the game. Playlist: 1) DJ Class - "I'm The Ish ft. Lil John (Cubic Zirconia Remix)" The full song is here. 2) Lil' Wayne - "Dick Pleaser" Full Song is Here 3) MSTRKRFT ft. E-40 - "Click Click" Full Song Here. 4) Token Black Guy - "Turn My Music High" Full Song Here: 5) Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It Official video right here. The song started off cool, but then that one dude killed it when he said, put a Donk on it & etc.
Episode 3 - Hood Hits, Rapper/Singers, Little Dragons, and Serious Comedians.
March 02, 2009 01:07 PM PST
Everybody loves music - Not everyone understands music. This is where Recipe Radio comes in. Hosts Roach Gigz, BeatStreetS and 1o.A.k. discuss Rapper/Singers, unravel a hood hit from Keak Da Sneak and San Quinn's project 'Scokland', new wave soul in The Foreign Exchange, Little Dragon and the serious comedy music from J-Nash. Check out below for J-Nash's new video "Sex You Down Pt. 2", It's hilarious along with Little Dragon's - "Fortune".
Episode 2 - 88-Keys, No Ho's, Soulful Slap, and a Horrible Song from Florida
March 06, 2009 08:19 PM PST
We mostly take new and under the radar tracks, and break it down from the finished product to the recipe. Going deep into the songs production, deciphering lyrics, cultural context and of course if we feel it or not. Below are some videos for you, so you can check out what & who we're talking about. Featured Artist : 88-Keys, D-Lo, PPP, and Flo-Rida Here's an update about 88-Keys music video for the song titled, "The Friend Zone". D-Lo and friends talk about the D-Lo movement. Wajeed from PPP speaks about his start of becoming a producer. Here's the video for that wack-ass Flo-Rida song titled, "Right Round".
Episode 1 - Secret Origins
March 06, 2009 08:09 PM PST

Everybody loves music - Not everyone understands music. This is where Recipe Radio comes in.

Honor Roll Crew Freshman 1o.A.k., Berkeley's finest producer BeatStreetS, Thizz affiliated artist Roach Gigz take songs, mostly new and under the radar, and break it down from the finished product to the recipe. Going deep into the songs production, deciphering lyrics, cultural context and of course if we feel it or not.

This pilot show is VERY rough hence the name "Secret Origins" but entertaining and informative never the less.


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